A stylish London home


A stylish London home


In keeping with black and white theme from my last post, today I bring you a peek into the gorgeous home of an old school friend.

Facebook really is an amazing tool for keeping in contact with childhood friends all over the world. I find it incredible that you can feel quite ‘in touch’ with people you haven’t seen since your school years. London-based Dee Purdy is one such friend for me. In her case, this sense of familiarity may also be attributed to the fact that I have been an avid follower of her blog, she had us at hello, since she started it in 2010. Dee’s blog offers a real and beautiful account of life with her hubby and two gorgeous daughters. Occasional glimpses of her stunning home are an added bonus – and with a degree in fine art photography, every post is a visual treat. She’s definitely one to follow on Instagram.

Dee and her family have recently moved out of the home she always referred to as their ‘shoebox’. After gutting and refurbishing it from front to back, I think she and her hubby did an amazing job of making it appear palatial. Take a look at Dee’s impeccable taste, artistic flair and brilliant photography.


Nothing ‘shoeboxy’ about that room, right?

Could you die for the height of that ceiling (which was totally hidden when they bought the place) and the original fitting that dates back to 1869…. sigh. I bet restoring that baby called for a tall glass of perseverance.

The rustic coffee table is in fact a wooden pallette that arrived with their bathroom tiles, beautifully transformed into a functional piece with the addition of some casters. Dee admits that the images were taken pre babies and that the table is now used as ‘a magic-carpet sized, skating platform’ for her daughters to whizz across the floor on. I love that.

Dee Purdy home tour

The kitchen oozes minimalist chic and works perfectly with the white gloss floors.

Dee Purdy London home

The bedroom and en-suite are a continuation of this home’s cool and tranquil ambiance.

I adore the decorative little clues to Dee’s South African heritage dotted around the home – my favorite being the wire wording in her bathroom… the Afrikaans term ‘My huis is my Paleis’ translates as ‘My house is my Palace’. True story right there.

I’m living in hope that we’ll soon be indulged with a tour of the new home. I’ll go easy on her and give her some time before I start hounding her on that one.

If you fancy seeing another of Dee’s creative outlets, take a look at Une Belle Epoque, a kids clothing label she’s created with her sister. Their clothes are timeless and beautiful!

All images copyright Dee Purdy

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  • Michelle 27/04/2014 at 12:51 PM

    Ahhhh, Dee Purdy 🙂 Still as artistic and stylish as ever! Stunning home xx

  • Jessica 27/04/2014 at 12:11 PM

    So many beautiful details. Xx

    • admin 27/04/2014 at 12:12 PM

      Hi Jessica,
      I know! She’s so talented.
      Thanks so much for stopping by x

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