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Art is such an easy way to add style personality to your home. It’s also a completely subjective accessory, so it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. Whilst we are advocates for investing in original art pieces where possible, this particular luxury is not always within reach. Thankfully there are amazing alternatives to adorn your home whilst you consider your big investment. Digital art prints are ever evolving and are becoming super accessible. With minimal effort and spend, you can really freshen up a space.

Printable art tends to be really affordable and offers an easy solution to building a gallery wall. Framing stores are also starting to capitalise on this trend by offering digital platforms to upload your digital files, select your desired frames and deliver your framed artwork to your door. Draft, the framing arm of local art supplier Drawdeck, is offering this service.

We thought it might be helpful to share some tips with a little list of some of our favourite sources for digital prints.

Tips on framing and displaying your art:

  • Invest in having your artwork professionally framed and spend some time looking at different frame and mount options. Drawdeck offers a range of different frames and sizes. Choosing the right frame allows your artwork to shine and gives it a clean and modern aesthetic.
  • A simple thin frame in a beech, white or black is what it’s all about at the moment.
  • Before picking up a hammer, plot out what’s going where. Create a mock up on the floor or wall with paper cut to the size of the pictures you are planning to hang, this will give you the chance to get the arrangement right and avoid any disasters.
  • Embrace irregularity, don’t be afraid to go off centre. Trust your instincts, 90% of the time we go with what looks good.
  • Hang art at eye level and avoid pieces too high.
  • Prints aren’t just restricted to the wall. A popular design trend is to place your prints on the floor, propped up against the wall.  Place the larger prints first, which allows you to place smaller prints in front and to the side in a layering effect. This also works well on shelves, consoles or ledges.

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Hi, I’m Kathryn

Hi, I’m Kathryn

House of Hawkes is a boutique interior design studio based in Dubai. This website is where it all began and remains a creative platform for sharing my work, my love of design and things that inspire me. Come on over & meet the team.

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  • It's been a pretty slow weekend here. Hope yours has been chilled too?
  • On the blog this week, we are sharing some of our favourite digital art resources. During these times of restricted movement, it's more convenient than ever to be able to purchase artwork that can be downloaded, sent to print and frame via online framing specialists like @draftframes and delivered to your door. I'm all about the convenience factor here! Link in bio for some of our go-to's

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  • My Fronteriors co-founder, @liveloudgirl and I are going to be hosting a live Q&A session over on the @fronteriors account this Sunday. If you've got any  burning questions for us - about anything from which IKEA frames we use, our suggestions for hacking your way to a unique furniture piece, to new designs or just something random you might like to know? Join us on Sunday, 24 May at 4pm UAE time.

Image by @marli_smithphotography

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  • I've been thinking about all the kids rooms we've designed and installed over the past few years, many of which had desks included. Unless they're kids in senior school, I usually view desks as a 'nice to have' addition if space allows. But I'm guessing those desks are getting a lot of mileage these days with Dubai schools continuing online learning until at least the end of the academic year. #crazytimes #stayhome #staysafe
  • A quiet afternoon was much needed to round off the weekend. Hope you all had a good one? Just peeking out on the left there is my new, improved @fronteriors Billy bookcase. More on that tomorrow. 
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  • She's been cursed with my coarse, wiry locks (that take 400 hrs to dry), if only I'd been blessed with that gorgeous colour. Suddenly wondering why I've never tried it. #hmm #maybe
  • I'm out of the house and in someone else's home and its feeling like a big adventure after so many weeks amidst the same walls. We are finally  starting to install the spaces we've designed for a family villa that we've been working on remotely for several weeks. Installation days are not what they used to be for us. This one is happening over a number of days. Fewer handymen and painters on site, masks, a safe distance and a whole lot of handwashing. Its feels strange but its definitely a step in the right direction.
  • The kitchen. It's always been the heart of the home, but over the past two months, it's been more of a command central in the home. All the cooking, baking, copious tea and coffee-making, school planning, live lesson participating, news watching (we have a TV room to the left), snack foraging.... you name it, it's been happening right here.

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  • If you'd told me a few months ago that I'd spend 8 straight weeks within the confines of my home, leaving only a handful of times for essentials, I'd have laughed out loud. And that's coming from a real homebody. Life sure is unpredictable. 
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