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Alex Latimer

Alex Latimer South African Alphabet

I everyone, I hope your week has been playing nice thus far.

You’ve probably realized by now that I love discovering new design talent (who doesn’t?), so I’m pleased to say its been a good week in that regard. Today I’m showcasing my latest find: Alex Latimer – an illustrator, writer and picture book maker living in Cape Town.

Alex Latimer South African Alphabet

I’ve fallen in love with Alex’s South African alphabet poster which features many of the homeland’s beloved personalities, including Nelson Mandela, Bishop Desmond Tutu, David Kramer – with his red guitar, and an Oscar-clutching Charlize Theron. Fellow South Africans, you’ll be enthralled and entertained as you recognize local food brands from Mrs Balls, Black Cat and Ouma rusks to koeksisters and Amasi, alongside some of The Big Five, notable sports teams and legendary athletes.

I love the more obscure, yet classic icons of true South African culture like the veldskoen, the golf ball postbox (remember those!!), Chappies gum, the vuvuzela and a lion matchbox. Even Zambuk is there, obviously, because it cures just about anything, right?

This print is a must for South African expats and ideal for kids bedrooms. Its officially on my wish list, as are the three children’s books Alex has published.

Coincidentally, I had seen and was very intrigued by some of Alex’s work as far back as two years ago, but only recently have I realized that he is also the talent behind the bold and quirky fabric design, Iconic South Africa – a collaboration between Latimer and the home decor company, aaart. Whilst I’d probably be inclined to use the fabric in small measures, I think it would work well for statement cushions (that are sure to be a great conversation piece), small upholstered items (maybe barstools in a kitchen) and dishcloths.

Thank you, Mr Latimer for creating these brilliant and whimsical introductions to the South African identity. What a fun and useful tool for those of us raising ‘South African’ smalls who’ve never lived in their own country.

All images copyright Alex Latimer

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