Style file: Herringbone & Chevrons


You know how every now and then a particular style or trend catches your eye and you find yourself obsessing about it constantly. Totally normal behavior, right? Well I’ve fallen victim to this phenomenon and I’m laying the…

Natural Decor


I’m a blatant sucker for all things natural. We’re talking natural fibres, wood, colours, textures, textiles… you name it. If it has any aspect of natural going on, I’m probably sold. This passion of…

Mario Marino


I’m in absolute awe of the work of Mario Marino. The Austrian born portrait photographer has been capturing fascinating human subjects in their native environments for some fourteen years. Not surprisingly, his work is exhibited in museums and galleries around the world.

Style file: Eames Chairs


If you don’t know them by name, you will surely recognize them on sight. And like me, you probably want some of this action in your home or office. Arguably among the most iconic furniture designs of our time,…

Love Warriors of Sweden


I’m ridiculously excited to share today’s treasure with you, but before I continue, can I just say, ‘what it is with the Scandinavians and their design talent?’ Is it just me, or is…

Skinny laMinx


Well hello there, Thursday! I can’t believe that the weekend is already upon us. Yes, Thursday marks the start of the weekend here in the UAE, and it looks as though we’re in…