DIY Christmas Wreaths


DIY Christmas Wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths

I recently posted a Festive Affair Blog Collaboration that featured beautiful Christmas wreaths. These wreaths were so popular that I am sharing this super simple DIY with you on how to create your own. The best part of making these is that they don’t require perfection and you can use almost any greenery that you have around the house or garden.

Wreaths were traditionally made from evergreens to symbolise strength as they last even throughout the harshest winters. The well-known laurel wreath is usually constructed from Bay Laurel but wreaths can be made from so many greens that include green birch, fennel, fern or fir. For this DIY, we used Rosemary to construct the wreaths. Rosemary is a great choice as it’s readily available and has a lovely fragrance.

DIY christmas wreaths

You would need:

  • Modelling wire to create the frame
  • Florist wire to attach your greens to the frame
  • Fishing line to hang your wreath(s)
  • Pliers
  • A wire cutter
  • Rosemary or the greenery of your choice

Use the modelling wire to create a circle form. Clip the end with a wire cutter (the piece should be long enough to create a circle with an approximate 20cm diameter). The modelling wire I used was pliable enough to entwine the two ends together quite easily by hand, but firmer wire may require pliers for this. Keep in mind that your circle doesn’t have to be perfectly round. A bit of imperfection works really well for these particular Christmas wreaths. Using green florist wire, cover the circular frame with rosemary sprigs – it can be as sparse or as dense as you would like. I found both the modelling and florist wire from Creative Minds.

The final touches

Once you’ve completed your wreaths, tie a string of fishing line to them in order to hand them around the house. A great effect is created when you have different lengths of fishing line and hang your wreaths at different heights. Once you have tied your fishing line to the wreath, it’s ready to hang and set the mood for Christmas.

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Hi, I’m Kathryn

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