Making The Switch


Making The Switch


I love living in Dubai. This city moves and shakes with the best of them. In the nine years I have lived here, I have seen it grow and develop with spectacular pace and ingenuity. One of the things I love most about the UAE, aside of it being one of the most beautiful and progressive cities on the map, is the way in which the authorities commit wholeheartedly to getting things done.

If you’re not already aware of the UAE’s new lighting standards, you’ll find out soon enough. It’s going to affect us all. In a good way. As part of a plan to minimize energy consumption and substantially reduce the country’s carbon emissions, environmental chiefs have already imposed a ban on the import of traditional incandescent light bulbs, which are expected to be cleared from shop shelves by the end of the year.

What this means is that the only light bulbs available as of next year will be the energy efficient type. Now for design and decor freaks like myself, the down side of all this is that most energy efficient bulbs stick out from their incandescent counterparts like a sore thumb thanks to unconventional and frankly, often hideous looking design. You know the kind I’m taking about, right? I can’t help but feel that the path to widespread acceptance of the new generation bulbs would be accelerated with the availability of more aesthetically pleasing options.

So here’s the good news. The clever folks at Philips have designed an awesome range of LED bulbs that look just like the old incandescent ones, allowing me to cling on to the light I love, while enjoying all the benefits of modern LED. And trust me, there are plenty of benefits worth taking note of:

  • The LED bulbs last longer. Like so much longer. We’re talking up to 15 years vs. 18 months here! Well worth the heftier price tag.
  • They’re energy efficient. Obviously. So you can look forward to impressive savings on your utility bill. They’re also ideal for “green” energy sources, like wind, water or solar.
  • They don’t contain any lead or mercury, making them environmentally friendly and safe around children (and grown ups, I suppose). And since they last longer, there is less waste disposal.
  • LEDs produce little or no outward heat, so the smalls won’t burn their fingers when they’re touching things they shouldn’t be touching.

Why are these new bulbs such big news in my life? Well, aside of the cost savings and social responsibility, I’ve got the beautiful Z5 Cotton Lamp on order and an ugly bulb would pretty much ruin it for me. Its the small things.

I’ve already got my hands on these LED babies and I am starting to make the switch at home.

I figure that I will need to take a phased approach on this exercise, but thanks to these lovely options, I’m feeling more enthusiastic about it.

Are you making the switch?

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  • Fatima 16/09/2014 at 10:11 AM

    Hi I love the lamp shade and pillow in your bedroom – can you share the name of the shop where you got them? Thanks!

    • admin 16/09/2014 at 2:12 PM

      Hello Fatima, I purchased them from VintEdge Decor a few years ago. I don’t know if they still stock the brand or those fabrics. It’s from a South African company called Biggie Best. They have an online store and the current collection is very pretty. Hope that is helpful. Kath

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