Rug Crush Roundup


Rug Crush Roundup

Rug Buying Tips

It’s no secret that a good rug can make a room, I’m sure this is no surprise to most of you, but finding the right rug can be tricky. After doing some rug sourcing for a few clients recently, we discovered quite a few beauties out there. So, we have done the groundwork for you and have roundup our favourites and some tips to consider when choosing a rug.

01 Size of the rug. There is nothing quite as sad as a rug that is too small, it just lets the space down. This is a common rookie error people make when buying a rug. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for rug sizes, but in general the size is dictated by the room size and placement of the furniture. Don’t skimp on size, in this case, too big is better than too small.

02 Style and colour. Consider the aesthetic you want to create. Rugs can either stand out or blend in. No need to match everything in the room but it should work with the look and feel of the existing pieces.

03 Consider your lifestyle. Buy something that fits into your lifestyle. Low pile rugs are more durable, less expensive and easier to clean than high-pile rugs. However the latter can look and feel plusher underfoot and adds to the texture and warmth of a room. For a room with lots of foot traffic opt for a low pile while a shaggy rug will last longer in a room with less foot traffic.  Also keep in mind that synthetic materials will wear out faster than wool, so choose accordingly!

04 Maintenance. Consider how much time and money you are willing to spend on maintaining your rug.  Flat weave and low pile rugs are easy to clean and vacuum where high pile plush rugs need to be professionally cleaned regularly.  If you share your home with little people or a furry friend, then a more forgiving pattern or a rug you can chuck in the washing machine might appeal more. Always use a rug pad, not only will it provide extra padding and prevent slips, it can also help extend the life of your rug. By keeping the rug in one place, the pad reduces friction between the bottom of the rug and the floor. 

05 Buy the rug that speaks to you. If you find a rug that you absolutely love, go for it.  Check out our favorites below

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