Ethan’s Room Makeover + shop the look


Ethan’s Room Makeover + shop the look

Ethan room boys room

Towards the end of last year, I finished off some changes that had been a slow progression in Ethan’s room. It’s usually me who initiatives makeovers in our home, but he had actually asked for some changes in his room, so over a couple of months, we managed to tick all the boxes on things he had requested. When you change spaces as a business, you tend to focus on completing projects in a quick and efficient manner, mostly so that your client experiences that sense of the instant gratification they are willing to pay for, but also so that you can ensure the availability of items specified for the design. When it comes to my own home however, everything happens at a remarkably slower pace. I fit things in where I can and often have to adapt as we go, but we always get there in the end. Ethan is really happy with the changes so I’m calling it a success.

The big changes were a new colour scheme with a dramatic green (Northern Mystic by Jotun) on the walls and the addition of a desk and a storage cabinet. We went with a colour block on the walls and for a change we tried the block in a new ratio of two thirds colour on the lower section and one third white on the upper section. I love the result. The smaller additions included bed linen, a leopard poster by My Deer Art Shop (his favourite) and some accessories.

He’s been after a desk for a while but I wasn’t sure of what style would work best. I really wanted something neat and attractive to look at because it’s the first thing you see as you enter the room. The navy ALEX desk from IKEA has really impressed me. The colour is a particularly good combination with the green walls and the light wood chair just finishes it off. The other piece of furniture that greets you as you enter is the BESTÄ storage cabinet that we wall-mounted – and you can surely guess what I did to improve the aesthetic of this humble IKEA frame, right? I added a Fronteriors plywood door and voila, it’s a beauty!

For all the other bits and pieces, I have an included a shop the look below.

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Hi, I’m Kathryn

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